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Afripex Underfloor Heating Pipe

Together with our suppliers, Afripex/Uponor assist customers in industry and in residential and commercial construction, to live and work in a sustainable environment by providing piping systems for the delivery of safe drinking water and radiant heating and cooling. Our piping infrastructure is reliable, smart and fast.

Afripex Overview

Afripex represents Uponor in South Africa. 

Uponor manufacture products for radiant heating and cooling, local temperature distribution and for the delivery of drinking water. 

In particular we distribute the Uponor Quick and Easy connection system. This is the world’s best, most widely used and safest connection technology.

For Water Based Heating and Cooling

Underfloor Heating Pipe - Afripex Piping Systems


  • Underfloor heating
  • Underfloor, wall and ceiling temperature control (heating and cooling)
  • Thermally active building structure – TABS


  • Choice between pure Pex-A and PE-RT
  • Long coils to minimise joints and wastage
  • Oxygen barrier fulfils the requirements for oxygen diffusion resistance ensuring longevity of your radiators
  • Available in dimensions from 16-110mm
  • Available as coils or straight bar
  • Possibility to choose between PN6 and PN10 pressure rating
  • Uponor pure pex-a are connected using the Quick & Easy shrink fit system – the world’s safest and most widely used connection technology