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Uponor Pure PEX-A piping systems are the most widely used piping systems in the world.

Let’s look at some of the exciting applications of this type of piping system.

These pipes are suitable for more than 400 types of fluids/liquids.

This makes them perfect for the delivery of both hot and cold water.

Because they can deliver both hot and cold water, Pex-a pipe is great for water-based heating and cooling systems such as underfloor heating (oxygen barriered version)

If you are building a new house or renovating an old one and need to update the piping, Pex-a is the perfect solution for you.


Pex-a comes with a design life of over a century and have a 15-year warranty from the manufacturer. These pipes are designed for fast installation and do not give off any odour, taste or heavy metals. They also do not leach chemicals.

Pex-a has the latest European drinking water certification.

Unlike copper piping, they have no theft value which makes them great to use in South Africa where copper piping theft is a big problem.

Joints are self-sealing and require no heating. No crimps, solder, nuts or internal sleeves are needed. It is the simplest jointing system available, cannot be cannibalized and visual inspection is easy.

The pipes come in long lengths which means there are fewer joints required. They are lightweight and flexible as well as being repairable. They are heat moulded and are not form stable.

Pex-a is thermally insulative and is a manifold system.

We are conscious of our environment and our pipes are all 100% recyclable.


You never have to worry about the pipes wearing out. They will last the life of the concrete structure into which they are set. This gives the owner great peace of mind.

Because of the ease of installation, labour costs are reduced by 2/3’s.

You can be certain that your water in safe, clean and hygienic.

Using Pex-a piping systems, you benefit from the latest research into consumer safety.

The technology and simplicity of Pex-a pipes and Pex-a expansions means that there is greater profitability in construction and greater safety on the building site.

This is the only piping system that doesn’t rely on the installer to close the joints. This greatly reduces the risk of joint failure.

Pex-a is the only systems where you can easily check if the joint has been correctly fitted.

Due to the pipes being conduited, any damaged pipe is easily replaced without chasing holes into walls.

There are fewer joints in a Pex-a expansion systems which means faster installation and cost reductions.

Using this type of system reduces the chance of leaks and the chance of kinking. If a kink does occur, it is easily self-fixed using heat.

Pex-a pipes can be bent into various shapes that will hold their form when cooled.

The system is naturally energy efficient.

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